Welcome to chemview’s documentation!

chemview is an interactive molecular viewer designed for the IPython notebook. With chemview you can:

  • Display molecules and systems in an easy and efficient manner.
  • Look at those systems evolve in time. chemview is fast by design, updates on the properties are performed only when necessary.
  • Perform interactive data visualization in the IPython notebook.
  • Create new ways to visualize your data by using the flexible low-level API.

chemview is implemented using web technologies such as WebGL and three.js, giving chemview an excellent multi-platform support.

Excited? Try it out (it works on smartphones too):

  • Left Click: Rotate
  • Wheel: Zoom
  • Right Click: Pan

Go ahead with the Installation and Quick Start.


chemview is licensed under the LGPL2 and is hosted on github at http://github.com/gabrielelanaro/chemview.


chemview branched from the mdtraj project in an effort to make trajectory viewing possible in the browser. It is developed mainly by Gabriele Lanaro. While the code is original work, the idea was inspired by iview.

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