This documents contains recipes to accomplish common tasks with chemview.

Syncronizing cameras across multiple widgets

Using the IPython traitlets system it is possible to syncronize the camera across different widgets. In the following example we download two molecules (ethane and butane) from the web using the chemlab API, then we create two molecular viewers and we link their cameras:

from IPython.display import display
from IPython.utils.traitlets import link

from chemview import MolecularViewer

from chemlab.notebook import download_molecule

butane = download_molecule('butane')
ethane = download_molecule('ethane')

# Create the two molecular viewer widgets
mv1 = MolecularViewer(butane.r_array, {'atom_types': butane.type_array,
                                       'bonds': butane.bonds})

mv2 = MolecularViewer(ethane.r_array, {'atom_types': ethane.type_array,
                                       'butane': butane.bonds})

# Link their attributes camera_str together
link((mv1, 'camera_str'), (mv2, 'camera_str'))


Plotting molecular orbitals